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Local land charges

A Local Land Charge is a restriction or prohibition imposed on a piece of land either to secure the payment of a sum of money, or to limit the use of that land. This charge is binding on successive owners and occupiers of the land. 

A Local Land Charge search ensures that purchasers of land are made aware of any restrictions or legal obligations against the site that are enforceable by local authorities under the terms of the various statues.

A statutory requirement is placed on all local authorities within England and Wales to generate, maintain and regularly update a Local Land Charges Register and to provide local searches.

This register is updated daily in order to provide answers to search requests, using information provided by various departments of the Council, for example planning and highways.

Moving home

Moving home or buying/leasing a business premise can be one of the most stressful experiences of our lives. We offer a quick, comprehensive, efficient and reliable service to help make your experience as stress free as possible.  The land charges section compiles replies to search enquiries and ensure that search requests are returned as promptly as possible, helping to minimise delays in the property buying process.