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There are various type of fees for Planning which are listed below:

Planning applications

The scale of fees for planning applications can be found on the Planning Portal website

A new schedule of fees will be introduced on the 6 December 2023, a draft version of the schedule of fees is available on the Planning Portal Website, therefore any application submitted after 5.00pm on the 5 of December will be subject to the new schedule of fees. The Planning Portal will automatically calculate the appropriate fee on submission.

Pre-application submissions

The scale of fees for these applications can be found on our pre-application page

Invalid applications

The council will charge for abortive work done on applications which are invalid on reciept and are not subsequently made valid. This charge will be recovered from any fee paid and deducted from the amount refunded.  It will be levied at 10% of the total planning fee (inc VAT) payable for the application submitted.

Historic searches

Supplementary planning searches (pre 1977)

£75 including VAT

Copy documents


£6 inc. VAT (minimum charge) then subsequent copies  A3 and A4 £0.30, A2 £4, A1 £5 and A0 £6.  These copies are only in black and white.

Planning decision notices

£30 including VAT