There are various type of fees for Planning which are listed below:

Planning applications

The scale of fees for planning applications can be found on the Planning Portal website.

Pre-application submissions

The scale of fees for these applications can be found on our Pre-application page

Invalid applications

Charges for abortive work done on applications which are invalid on receipt and are not subsequently made valid are now a sliding scale of fees depending on the size and nature of the application, these charges are listed below: 

Significant/major application


Minor application


Householder/advertisement/CLUP/CLDE/Listed building consent


Historic searches

Supplementary Planning Searches (pre 1977)


Copy documents


£5 (minimum charge) then subsequent copies  A3 and A4 £0.20, A2 £4, A1 £5 and A0 £6.  These copies are only in black and white.

Planning decision notices