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Marton Moss neighbourhood plan

In 2017 the Marton Moss community decided to develop their own neighbourhood plan. Information on how this came about.

A draft plan was prepared by the Neighbourhood Forum (Regulation 14) which was consulted on during March/April 2022. All representations were considered by the Forum and they have now produced the Regulation 16 Submission Draft Plan which was consulted upon from 17th October - 28th November 2022. Further information on the previous consultations can be found here.

What happens next?

An independent examiner will be appointed to examine the plan.

The examiner will consider the representations made to the council on the regulation 16 plan and whether the plan meets the basic conditions and other requirements set out by law.

Following this, the examiner will issue a report and will recommend if the plan can proceed to referendum, under Regulation 18.

Further updates will be put on this website as the plan progresses through examination.