Site allocations and development management policies

Blackpool local plan

Part 2:  Site allocations and development management policies 

The Council has started preparing the Blackpool Local Plan Part 2: Site Allocations and Development Management Policies Document.

The Local Plan Part 2 is a key planning document for Blackpool and will:

  • Allocate sites for new development including housing, employment and retail  and identify areas for safeguarding and protection e.g. public open space, greenbelt
  • Designate areas where particular policies will apply e.g. local centres
  • Include policies to be applied when considering applications for development e.g. design, amenity and transport

There are a number of stages in developing the Local Plan Part 2 which provide an opportunity for the community and other stakeholders to be involved in choosing the right planning policies for Blackpool.


consultation on the Regulation 18 Scoping Document took place between the 12 June and the 24 July 2017

We are currently considering all responses received to inform the way forward.

This was the first consultation Stage of the Local Plan Part 2 preparation process. The council was seeking views on what policies the document ought to contain as we want to ensure that we have the right planning policies for Blackpool.

Documents available to view online:

Supporting documents

Evidence base

The Blackpool Core Strategy is also informed by a comprehensive evidence base comprising a number of detailed assessments of housing, employment, environment and other aspects of the current health and character of the Fylde sub region along with more specific studies focused on Blackpool itself.