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Local Plan Part 2: Site allocations and development management policies

The Local Plan Part 2 allocates sites for development, safeguarding or protecting and sets out a suite of development management policies to guide appropriate development.

Local Plan Part 2 publication consultation (Regulation 19)

Friday 19 February to Friday 2 April at 5.00pm

The council is currently consulting on the Local Plan Part 2 Publication, in order for representations to be made prior to its submission to the secretary of state for Examination.

It is the opportunity for those who are satisfied or dissatisfied with the Local Plan Part 2 to make formal representations.  These will be considered alongside the Local Plan Part 2 when it is examined by the planning inspector. 

The purpose of the examination is to consider whether the Local Plan Part 2 is legally compliant, satisfies the Duty to Co-operate and meets the tests of soundness.  Any representations made at this stage must be in relation to these issues.  Further information can be found in the Guidance Notes on making Representations [PDF 0.21MB]

Making representations 

Representations must be submitted to Blackpool Council during the consultation period between Friday 19 February and 5.00pm on Friday 2 April 2021.

  • The council will not accept representations received after the deadline.
  • The council cannot accept anonymous representations. 

It is strongly recommended by the planning inspectorate that you use the form provided by the council to help ensure that your representations relate to the issues of legal compliance or soundness, and to assist the procedures relating to the examination process.

You are requested to submit your representations electronically. This can be done by using the Representation Form below and sending it to or posting it to planning department, Blackpool Council, PO Box 17, Corporation Street, Blackpool, FY1 1LZ. 

Respondents should note that representations are not confidential and that they will be published on the council's website and made available for public inspection.  Personal information, e.g. addresses, telephone numbers and email addresses on representations from individuals will be redacted.

Supporting documentation 

Local Plan Part 2 - Publication (January 2021) [PDF 16.0MB]

Publication Policies Map - Blackpool Borough (January 2021) [PDF 13.0MB]

Publication Policies Map - Blackpool Town Centre (January 2021) [PDF 6.0MB]

Consultation Statement (January 2021) [PDF 4.98MB]

Local Plan Part 2 Sustainability Appraisal (November 2020) [PDF 3.57MB]*

Local Plan Part 2 Habitats Regulation Assessment (November 2020) [PDF 0.54MB]*

Housing Topic Paper (January 2021) [PDF 11.67MB]

Gypsy, Traveller and Travelling Showpeople Topic Paper (November 2019) [PDF 0.62MB]

Managing the Location of Hot Food Takeaways Topic Paper (December 2020) [PDF 1.27MB]

Betting Shops, Adult Gaming Centres and Pawnbrokers Topic Paper (December 2020) [PDF 1.72MB]

Green Infrastructure Topic paper (December 2020) [PDF 1.13MB]

Space Standards and Accessible Homes Topic Paper (December 2020) [PDF 0.76MB]

Retail Topic Paper - Future Capacity (December 2020) [PDF 1.19MB]

Infrastructure and Delivery Plan Update (December 2020) [PDF 2.13MB]

Local Development Scheme (December 2020) [PDF 0.46MB]

Equality Analysis [PDF 1.39MB]

Duty To Cooperate - Draft Statement of Common Ground (January 2021) [PDF 0.87MB]


Representation Form [PDF 0.35MB]

Guidance Notes on Making Representations [PDF 0.21MB]

Statement of Representations Procedure [PDF 0.17MB]

Evidence base

The local plan is also informed by a comprehensive evidence base comprising a number of detailed assessments of housing, employment, environment and other aspects of the current health and character of the Fylde sub region along with more specific studies focused on Blackpool itself.

Previous consultation stages

The informal consultation on the proposed site allocations and development management policies closed on the 21 February 2019.

The documents are still available to view on the following links:

Informal Consultation Paper: Proposed Site Allocations and Development Management Policies [PDF 5.37MB]

Informal Consultation Paper: Appendices [PDF 8.85MB]

 Additional evidence base papers which informed the informal paper are listed below:

Regulation 18 Scoping Document

Consultation on the Regulation 18 Scoping Document took place between the 12 June and the 24 July 2017 and the responses received to that consultation, informed the current draft document.

Documents available to view online

Supporting documents

* This document has been produced by a third party and does not meet our accessibility requirements. We are working on producing this in the correct format and hope to have it available in due course.