Missed bin collection

Reasons why your bin may not have been emptied 

There are a number of reason why we may not have collected your waste, these include:

  • Wheeled bins or red sacks put out for collection late
  • Your bin contains the wrong items
  • You put out  the wrong bins
  • Your bins/bags were put in the wrong location (Green bins must be at the front of your property)
  • Your bin was unsafe to move, (for example it was overweight, broken wheels or broken base) and will not be collected
  • Different coloured bins are not collected on the same vehicle, so we may have collected one bin, but the other  is still awaiting collection
  • Side waste is only collected with recycling collections (not green bins). For large cardboard boxes these should be broken down and folded before you present them

If we have been unable to collect your waste for one of these reasons you will need to correctly present it on the next scheduled collection day. We will not come back to collect.

Bin collection status and missed collections

You can check the status of your collection by using our online system.

  • This will give real-time information on if your bin has been collected or not
  • If we have been unable to empty your bin we will tell you why
  • You will be able to report a missed collection within 48 hours if our contractors advise that they have successfully collected at your address

If we have missed your brown bag collection then we will unfortunately be unable to return to collect it. Please present it again at your next scheduled collection. Any additional waste can placed in an open bag and presented with your brown bag.

If we are unable to access your street

If access to wheeled bins or waste sacks is not possible; and the reason for this is outside the control of your control then we aim to collect them within 2 working days so please leave your bins out for collection.

Bin collection day

To find out what day your bins are collected, please use the bin collection status checker.