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Order or swap a bin

Brown recycling bag

If you have just moved into a property that doesn't have a brown paper/cardboard recycling bag or you have lost yours you can collect a replacement brown sack at:

Or you can request one online and we will deliver it to you within 14 working days.

We will only deliver one replacement sack in a 12 month period, but you are welcome to collect additional sacks from any of the above collection points. Find your nearest collection point.

Grey, blue or green bins

If you have lost your bin then we will replace these at a cost of:

  • Blue - £15
  • Grey - £15
  • Green - £30

If you have completed a family waste audit and are eligible for a further grey bin we will supply these at a cost of £30 each.


If you would like to change the size of your grey bin to a smaller one or your blue bin to a larger one then we will do this for you free of charge.


Please note from 1 April 2020 repairs of wheels and lids on wheeled bins are no longer free of charge. There is now a replacement charge of £15.

New builds and conversions

Grey and blue bins for new builds and conversions are charged at £30.

Green bins will be charged at £30 per bin when subscribing to the garden waste collection service.

New resident 

If you have recently moved into a property and the bins are missing there is a charge of £15 per bin for a grey and blue lidded bin.  

We will deliver brown recycling sacks for free.

Please telephone 01253 477477 to arrange these.

Extra grey lidded bins

If you feel you that one grey bin is not big enough for your family. Or there is a medical reason that means you have large amounts of rubbish we may be able to give you a larger or extra bin.

You will need to complete an application form and a waste officer will need to conduct a waste audit at your home.

If your application is successful we will give you an extra grey lidded bin for a charge of £30.

Please note: We will only collect bins that we have issued to you.


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