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Home composting

Why compost?

When waste is sent to landfill air cannot get to the organic waste, so as the waste breaks down, it creates a harmful greenhouse gas called methane which damages the Earth's atmosphere.

When organic waste is composted, oxygen helps the waste to decompose aerobically which means hardly any methane is produced - which is good news for the planet. What's more, after nine  to twelve months you get a free fertiliser for your garden and plant pots to keep them looking beautiful.

Blackpool Council has teamed up with to provide exclusive offers on compost bins, water butts and other great green products. Composting bins start from a reduced price of £19 plus delivery and to add extra value to the offer; if you buy one you can get a second for half price!

A full range of products is available on the website where you can also order online or alternatively call: 0844 571 4444