Suspension of service

Please note that the Rover service is currently suspended until further notice.


Rover - Mobile recycling unit

If you have any unwanted items at home whether they are in working order or not; you can now bring them to Rover.

All items brought will be either recycled or reused. The electrical workshop on Bristol Avenue will refurbish broken electrical items. 

We will fix any items that we can. After repair we will give them to local charities for use by residents in need of support.

If we can't repair items then we will take them to the tip for recycling.

Acceptable items

Items that Rover accepts, include:
  • Electrical items (TVs, toasters, hair dryers etc) 
  • Cans 
  • Glass bottles 
  • Plastic 
  • Spectacles- these will be donated to Vision Aid Overseas
  • Mobile phones
  • Paper/cardboard 
  • Wood 
  • Scrap metal 
  • Batteries large and domestic 
  • Clothes and Textiles 
  • Paint
  • Mobility aids
  • Waste fats, oils and greases

Unacceptable items

Items that Rover can't accept, include:

  • No household ‘grey bin’ waste
  • UPVC items
  • Bricks 
  • Rubble 
  • Fence panels 
  • Chemicals 
  • Food waste 
  • Garden cuttings 
  • Asbestos
  • Sofas
  • Mattresses

Collection locations



  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday


If you have any questions or suggestions regarding your new mobile recycling unit then please email .