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Bathing waters

There are four stretches of the Blackpool coast that are designated bathing waters, and eight across the Fylde coast.

Each of these sites are monitored the by Environment Agency during the bathing season, which runs from May to September, taking 20 samples at each site every year. These sites must meet European guidelines of water quality, with the aim of protecting the health of people who may want to swim, paddle or even just splash and play there.

Blackpool Council is working closely with the Environment Agency, as well as the wider Fylde Peninsula Water Management Partnership to ensure our waters continue to meet the new standards. The council also has a legal responsibility under the contaminated land investigation process to stop the pollution of controlled waters.

Bathing water is effected by a variety of sources; incorrect disposable of cooking fats, sanitary products and other hygiene products such as wetwipes can cause blockages. 

How you can help

  • Put litter in the bin
  • Thinking about what you flush down the to
  • Pick up after your 

Bathing water sites 

You can look up details of designated bathing waters on the Environment Agencies Swimfo webpage.