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Consenting on ordinary watercourses

Blackpool Council is now the consenting authority for works on ordinary watercourses. An ordinary watercourse is a river, stream, ditch, drain or other passage, through which water flows and which does not form part of a main river or the public sewer.

The Environment Agency retains responsibility for consents relating to main rivers. Anyone who intends to carry out works that could obstruct the flow in an ordinary watercourse (even temporarily) or that culvert the watercourse needs to obtain consent before starting the work.

If there is any doubt as to whether the works require consent please contact us.


Further information or to make an application please download:

Applications for consent cost £50 per structure. Please contact us before submitting an application to ensure the correct fee.

Please note: Any works undertaken without consent will be subject to enforcement action.


Clare Nolan-Barnes

Telephone 01253 476090