Blackpool declaration on healthy weight

Local government declaration on healthy weight

This local government declaration on healthy weight is a statement, individually owned by Blackpool Council

It encapsulates a vision to promote healthy weight and improve the health and well-being of the local population. We recognise that we need to exercise our responsibility in developing and implementing policies which promote healthy weight.

Cllr Amy Cross
Cabinet member for reducing health inequalities

Dr Arif Rajpura
Director of public health

We acknowledge that:

  • Unhealthy weight is a serious public health problem that increases disability, disease and death and has substantial long term economic, well-being and social costs. The proportion of the population affected by unhealthy weight continues to rise
  • Unhealthy weight is affected by health inequalities and is more common in lower-socio economic groups
  • Poor diet and an unhealthy weight are risk factors for cardiovascular disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes which contribute powerfully to poor health and premature death
  • Energy dense food and drinks high in fat and sugar and low in essential nutrients contribute to a significant amount of additional and unnecessary calories in the diet
  • There is greater availability and access to food and drinks high in fat and sugar, which are increasingly eaten outside of the home, contributing to excess energy intake
  • Increased intake of foods high in fat and sugar and low in fruit and vegetables are strongly linked to those in manual occupations
  • People living in more socially deprived areas have less access to healthy foods
  • Advertising and marketing of foods and drinks high in fat and sugar increases their consumption
  • Education, information and the increased availability of healthy alternatives help individuals to make healthy, informed food and drink choices
  • Modern physical activity environments contribute to sedentary lifestyles
  • Urban planning can have a significant impact on opportunities for physical activity, promoting safer environments for walking, cycling and recreation

As local leaders in public health we welcome the:

  • Opportunity for local government to lead local action to prevent obesity, securing the health and well-being of our residents whilst considering available social, environmental and financial NHS and social care resources
  • Opportunity to protect some of the most vulnerable in society by giving children the best start in life and enabling all children, young people and adults to maximise their capabilities and make informed choices
  • National commitment to address childhood obesity
  • Endorsement of this declaration by national organisations

Support for the local authority declaration on healthy weight from the following organisations:

  • Association of Directors of Public Health North West
  • British Dental Association
  • Children’s Food Campaign
  • UK Health Forum

We commit our council from this date

20 January 2016 sign the declaration to show commitment to reducing unhealthy weight in our communities, protect the health and well-being of staff and citizens and make an economic impact on health and social care and the local economy by striving to:

  • Protect residents from the commercial pressures and vested interests of the food and drink industry supplying high fat, salt and sugar products
  • Consider how commercial partnerships with the food and drink industry may impact on messages communicated around healthy weight to the local community
  • Review provision in all our public buildings, facilities and providers to make healthy foods and drinks more convenient and affordable and limit access to high-calorie, low-nutrient foods and drinks (to include all public institutions such as schools, hospitals, care homes, leisure facilities)
  • Increase public access to fresh drinking water on local authority controlled sites
  • Consider supplementary guidance for hot food takeaways, specifically in areas around schools, parks and where access to healthier alternatives are limited
  • Advocate plans with partners including the NHS and all agencies represented on the Health and Wellbeing Board, Healthy Cities, academic institutions and local communities to address the causes and impacts of obesity
  • Protect our children from inappropriate marketing by the food and drink industry
  • Support the government in taking action at national level to help local authorities reduce obesity prevalence and health inequalities in our communities
  • Ensure food and drink provided at public events includes healthy provisions, supporting food retailers to deliver this offer
  • Support the health and well-being of local authority staff and increase knowledge and understanding of overweight and obesity to create a culture and ethos that de-normalises unhealthy weight
  • Consider how strategies, plans and infrastructures for regeneration and town planning positively impact on physical activity
  • Monitor the progress of the plan against commitments and publish the results

In addition our local authority will work towards:

  • Considering weighted/financial support for ‘healthier’ retail (e.g. greengrocers, co-operatives etc.) in deprived areas
  • Improving the quality of packed lunches by developing a local agreement with schools to implement guidance
  • Working with schools to achieve ‘walk to school’
  • Taking a stepped approach to reduce sugary drinks available in vending machines on locally controlled sites
  • Working with commercial outlets within all public sector premises to develop a food and drink policy


Cllr Amy Cross
Cabinet member for reducing health inequalities

Dr Arif Rajpura
Director of public health

To be reviewed 20 January 2017

The local authority declaration on healthy weight has been designed and developed on behalf of Food Active, by the Health Equalities Group and is based on the the local authority declaration for tobacco control.

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