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The forward plan is updated on a monthly basis and includes issues that are defined as ‘key decisions’ and identifies which individual or body will make the decision.

Key decisions are defined in the council's constitution as decisions that significantly affect two or more wards of the borough and/or result in significant expenditure.


The plan outlines the issues that will be the subject of a key decision within a given timescale. For each item, the plan includes:

  • Matter for decision
  • Decision making individual or body
  • Responsible cabinet member
  • Date on which or period within which decision is to be made
  • How representations are to be made and by what date
  • Documents to be submitted to the decision maker for consideration
  • Contact details of the responsible officer.

The plan also lists any decisions to be considered in private session.  There are no such decisions proposed to be considered at present.  If there are any they will be listed with the reason for the decision to be made in private and details as to how an objection can be raised.


The plan does not include any reference to decisions made by the council’s five regulatory committees:

  • Appeals, which deals with employment issues
  • Planning, which deals with planning applications
  • Licensing, which deals with licensing applications
  • Chief Officers Employment, which appoints the council's chief officers
  • Standards, which deals with issues relating to councillors

The forward plans are published on the first working day of the month.