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Data protection

We hold and uses personal data (also called information) about individuals to enable us to provide a wide range of services.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) provides a set of standards and responsibilities for us to help keep your information secure and accurate.

These standards are known as principles and mean that we must:

  • Process your data lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner
  • Process your data only for the specified, explicit and legitimate purpose (the reason) that we have obtained it for
  • Ensure that the data is adequate, relevant and limited to only the data we need
  • Process you data accurately and kept up to date
  • Ensure your data is not kept longer that is necessary
  • Make sure your data is secure

We have processes and systems in place to ensure that we can comply with these, including secure and protected electronic storage for any electronic information held about you.

Data protection registration

To be able to hold and use your data, we have to register with the Information Commissioner's Office each year.

Our main registration number is Z5720508.

We also register the electoral registration officer service separately and this registration number is Z6212796.

Blackpool Council is the data controller for these 2 register entries.


All Blackpool councillors are also registered in their own right and they are the data controllers for their own registration.

There are limited instances when a councillor can obtain or use your personal information. For example:

  • When the councillor is on certain committees they may have access to your personal information in their capacity as a committee member
  • Personal information about you may be disclosed to your local councillor, but only where they are acting on your behalf
  • If they are using data for political reasons, they must obtain your consent or you must have given your consent if you are a member of a political party


There are 2 services registered in their own right to comply with their statutory duty.

They are the data controllers responsible for their own registration.

Blackpool youth offending team. Their registration number is Z6134073.

The superintendent registrar who registration is listed as Registrar of births, deaths and marriages Blackpool Council with the registration number of ZA165682.

Access to a deceased person's records

If you wish to access information about a deceased person who has been under the care of the council, please put your request in writing. It will be processed through the Freedom of Information Act as the GDPR and DPA only applies to 'natural' (living) individuals.

We publish a full guide on our process for access to a deceased person's records.

Access to deceased records [PDF 495KB]

Before we are able to release records about a deceased person, we will need confirmation that the individual is in fact deceased, such as a grant of probate, letters of administration or a death certificate.

We also need to identify that you are the personal representative of the deceased person and are therefore entitled to information about them. You will be asked to provide proof of this as well as proof of identification for yourself, showing your name and current address.

We are very sorry but a 'next of kin' is not legally entitled to a deceased person's information unless they are a personal representative.

We treat each request for access to a deceased person's records on an individual basis and we will discuss your request with you.

Other legislation

You can ask for copies of general information that we hold through the Freedom of Information Act.

Requests for information that relates to environment will generally be dealt with under the Environmental Information Regulations