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Allowances and register of interests

Councillors allowances

Councillors do not receive a salary although they can receive an allowance to help offset expenses or loss of earnings.  When making a scheme of allowances for councillors, the Council has to consider recommendations from an Independent Remuneration Panel.  Details of the scheme are contained within part 6 of the council's constitution and each year details of the payments made during the last financial year are below.

Register of Interests - co-opted members

The Council is required by law to keep a Register of Interests for its elected and co-opted members.  The information includes: 

  • Details of any employment or business carried on by them 
  • The name of their employer 
  • Details of people who have paid towards election expenses
  • Contracts between themselves/their firm and the Council 
  • Interests in any land in the area; details of any directorships

To view individual Registers of Interest please select the name of the person from the list below.

 Health and Wellbeing Board
Health and Wellbeing Board members
David Bonson
Roy Fisher
Jane Higgs
Ian Johnson
Dr Arif Rajpura
Amanda Doyle
Wendy Swift
Heather Tierney-Moore
Greg Molyneux
Eddy Jackson
Stuart Noble
Phil Jones
Diane Booth
Karen Smith
Dr Leanne Rudnick
Co-Opted Members
 Co-Opted Members
 Samuel Johnson
 Frances McErlane