13 July 2023

Blackpool charges on with electric vehicle strategy

More electric vehicle charging points have been installed in the town centre as the council continues towards its target of 210 new chargers by 2028.

Car parked and using EV charging point
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Since the development of the council’s Electric Vehicle (EV) Strategy and the government’s plans to cease the sale of non-electric vehicles by 2030, Blackpool has been making steady developments in increasing the number of EV chargers around the town.

New Larkhill Street, next to Sainsbury’s on Talbot Road, has recently had a 50KW rapid charger installed. This rapid charger, enables customers to charge their vehicles for up to half an hour at a charge of 55p per KW hour via the Blink Charging App. There is no additional charge to park whilst using the charging station, however the time is limited to 30 minutes to allow for the demand of top-up charging.

The New Larkhill Street charger is one of 13 new chargers recently installed, with the others being situated at:

  • Bispham Village 2 x 22KW
  • The Grange 2 x 22KW
  • Banks Street car park 6 x 22KW
  • South King Street car park 2 x 22KW

And soon to be installed at Alfred Street car park are 4 x 22KW chargers:

The aim of the EV strategy is to create an additional 210 electric vehicle chargers in the town by 2028, with support from the government’s Local Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (LEVI) fund to create a greener, cleaner place to live. To help implement this plan, the council is currently recruiting for its first ever Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project Manager, to take advantage of the new government funding and increase the number of chargers all around the town.

Blackpool Council Cabinet Member for Climate Change, Cllr Jane Hugo said: 

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“It is great to be able to report that we are steadily increasing our number of EV chargers in the town in line with our EV strategy. The government’s LEVI funding, along with the research carried out and a dedicated project manager, will ensure that our EV chargers will be located in the most suitable locations for both our residents and visitors to ensure we are offering the necessary facilities to encourage successful uptake of electric vehicles.”
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The strategy looks at the EV charging needs for residents and visitors, but particularly for residents without access to off-street charging. The strategy was agreed in February of this year following research undertaken by City Science. The Electric Vehicle Strategy falls under the Climate Emergency declaration, where the council is committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions and 100% clean energy use by 2030.

More information on the Climate Emergency declaration and Electric Vehicle Strategy can be found on the council website.