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Climate emergency

We have declared a climate emergency in Blackpool, which means urgent action must be taken to stop climate change.

We are committed to achieving net zero carbon emissions and 100% clean energy use by 2030. In doing this we want to create a healthier place to live and benefit the local economy.

But we can’t fix the climate emergency alone – we need everyone in Blackpool to help. Council services, businesses and residents all need to work together to make a real change.

In 2018, Blackpool's carbon footprint was 490 ktCO2e.

The carbon emissions were:

  • 48% domestic
  • 33% industry and commercial
  • 19% transport
  • 0.05% agriculture
  • 0.08% public sector emissions

The council only has control over a very small proportion of the overall carbon footprint. That's why we all need to come together in Blackpool to tackle the climate emergency.

Our Climate Emergency Action Plan sets out how the council and the town can aim for net zero carbon emissions by 2030. 

What we're doing

Greener developmentNew housing development with green space area

The proposed Grange Park development aims to provide a residential development in a manner which maximises potential to provide new homes, whilst respecting local surroundings and providing improved green space for all residents on the estate.

Responding to local demand within the wider context of the climate crisis, the goal is to create a mixed and inclusive community that promotes wellbeing and healthy lifestyles. The proposal includes more sustainable homes through improved energy efficiency, and the addition of biodiverse green space through meadow grassland, fruit trees and the retention of hedges and trees.

Grange Park development - more information

Affordable warmth

We're working with local authorities in Lancashire to help households access funding for energy-related improvements to their homes.

If your property is suitable, you may be able to have a number of energy efficiency improvements installed in your home for free including loft insulation and cavity wall insulation.

Energy efficiency improvements - more information

Better air quality

We continually review air quality in Blackpool to assess whether air quality standards and objectives are being met.

Where standards fall short we put in measures to ensure they are achieved.

Air quality management - more information

Mobile recycling

We’ve introduced Rover - our mobile recycling unit – to help reduce waste going into landfill.

If you have any unwanted items at home, whether they are in working order or not, you can now bring them to Rover to be recycled or reused.

We fix any items we can and even refurbish electrical items. After repair, we give the items to local charities so they can be rehomed and reloved!

Mobile recycling unit - more information

Tree strategy

We want to to create a thriving urban forest to benefit our local community, wildlife and visitors to the Blackpool coast, whilst ensuring a healthy, diverse and well-managed tree population. 

#OneStepGreener ambassadors

Man riding bike with street whizzing by

The search is on for extraordinary, everyday people, who are going above and beyond for the climate and could become a #OneStepGreener Ambassador.

Ambassadors will become the voice for the UK public on climate change and will work closely with the government in the lead up to the UN climate change conference in Glasgow this November.

#OneStepGreener - more information

News highlight

Two people standing in front of an ice cream shop

Blackpool’s iconic ice cream parlour, Notarianni Ices, one of the council’s Keep Blackpool Tidy ambassadors, famously associated with delicious vanilla, has gone green!

The much-loved eatery (situated in the heart of South Shore on Waterloo Rd, Blackpool) has seen four generations serve a secret family recipe since 1928, and since 2020, has made an eco-friendly move by introducing compostable packaging across their range, with more additions in 2021.

Local climate news

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