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About Us

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We are a trusted provider of adult education courses in Blackpool.

We offer a full range of courses to inspire you to learn something new, as well as develop your skills and potential.

Please look on our Facebook page: Blackpool Learning Rooms for details of our latest courses. You will find useful information and resources are posted.


Our courses range from:

  • Family learning
  • IT and computing
  • Accredited courses
  • Cookery
  • Employability and life skills
  • Skills builder sessions
  • Health and wellbeing

Why us?

  • Professional, friendly and qualified course tutors
  • Daytime and evening courses (including drop-in courses)
  • Brand new teaching space and other local venues 
  • Free and low-cost course options
  • Anyone aged 19* or above can apply

*Must have turned 19 on or before 1st August 2022.


Information, Advice and Guidance 

All learners are entitled to access information, advice and guidance to ascertain the correct course for them and the route they need to take following their course.

Our aims are to:

  • Ensure all learners are provided with information and advice at enrolment from the enrolment team who have access to specialist advice where needed.
  • Ensure all learners are provided with information, advice and guidance at the start of the course by tutors who have access to specialist advice where needed.
  • Ensure all learners have access to Adult Learning specialist advice and guidance if needed.
  • Ensure all learners have access to specialist services where needed e.g. Blackpool Council Employment Service (Positive Steps), Blackpool Volunteer Centre, National Careers Service.
  • Ensure all learners are provided with Information, advice and guidance from their tutor during and at the end of the course to plan their next steps.


Our priorities:

  • Upskill the enrolment team.
  • IAG qualifications to be offered to new contracted teaching and support staff
  • All staff to understand the importance of IAG and are aware of the routes available to learners.
  • All learners to be given the learner handbook with progression routes on the reverse.
  • All JCP advisors made aware of employability routes, ICT and wellbeing courses for when they meet with clients.
  • All learners to have the opportunity to have an individual appointment with the IAG advisor through or after the course.


“ All learners are empowered to maximise their learning experience through high quality information advice and guidance”


Raising any concerns

If you have any concerns about either a safeguarding or Prevent issue, speak in the first instance to your tutor or contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead Donna Clayton on 01253 476728 or deputy leads Lauren Ferguson 01253 476600 or Sarah Greene 01253 476589.