Street Collections guidance

Street Collections guidelines for applicants

There are three types of Street Collections:

  • A street collection in connection with a specific event (e.g. sponsored walk/fire engine pull/bike ride)
  • A Street Collection with no supporting event
  • A Line of Coins collection, where coins are placed along a marked line on the west side of the Promenade

Street Collection In Connection With A Specific Event

The Council’s policy only allows street collections in connection with a specific event where the people of Blackpool will derive a benefit from the collection. This type of collection can be held anywhere in the Borough.

Street Collection (with no supporting event)

Previously these were known as Flag Days.

Line of Coins Collections

Permission for a line of coins and any other collections on the west side of the Promenade must first be obtained from VisitBlackpool (telephone number 01253 478231). Permission for this type of collection is only granted where the people of Blackpool will derive a benefit from the collection.

General Information

A street collection permit is issued for the duration of the event.

No one under the age of 16 years may act as a collector. The Public Protection Sub-Committee does have the power to permit persons of fourteen years of age or more to act as collectors where it is satisfied that it is reasonable in the circumstances of a particular collection and those collectors less than sixteen years of age will be accompanied by an adult.

Charities must be registered with the Charity Commission, or be a charitable organisation based in/around Blackpool.

Only one street collection will be permitted in the Town Centre and Promenade area per day. An exception may be made where the collection in Blackpool is part of a larger national / county-wide event and the collectors are merely passing through the area, or for small scale collections in a limited area.

Applicants must apply one month before the date of collection to enable the application to be processed.

Permission should be sought from the Town Centre Management (B.I.D. team) on 01253 476204 for collections in the Town Centre. For collections on the Promenade, VisitBlackpool should be contacted on 01253 478231.

The applicant should carry the licence with them whilst collecting so to be able to produce on inspection. No person can assist/take part in any collection without the written authority of the applicant/promoter. The collectors should carry the written authority of the promoter with them, so to be able to produce on inspection.

The collectors must use securely closed and sealed containers that are consecutively numbered which should prominently bear the name of the charity/fund which is to benefit.

While collecting a collector should remain stationary and not be nearer than 25 metres to another collector (this requirement may be waived in respect of a collection made in connection with a procession). No collection shall be made in a manner likely to inconvenience or annoy any person.

A statement of account must be produced to Blackpool Council Licensing Service within one month of the date of the street collection showing the amount received and the expenses and payments incurred in connection with the collection.

If the total amount collected exceeds £150 a notice will need to be placed in a local Blackpool newspaper showing the name of the person to whom the permit has been granted, the area to which the permit relates, the name of the charity or fund to benefit, the date of the collection or sale, the amount collected, and the amount of the expenses and payments incurred in connection with such collection.

Licensing service

Municipal buildings, Corporation Street, Blackpool, FY1 1NF
Telephone 01253 478397