Blackpool catering service - School meals

Blackpool Council’s school meals service currently provides meals for

  • 19 primary schools
  • 4 high schools and
  • 3 special schools

Our service aims to provide tasty and healthy well balanced meals which meet the national guidelines.

In both primary and high schools we offer a choice of hot meals each day and also have available unlimited salad, fruit and bread. The meals also include a drink and a choice of dessert.

The benefits of our service

  • Freshly prepared nutritious meals, using wholesome ingredients
  • Fully trained and qualified catering staff who care, and will make every effort to encourage children to choose a healthy meal
  • 3 week cycle menu, with a varied choice of meal options
  • Menus, which comply with the nutritional standards for school lunches
  • The school meal offers good value for money
  • Special dietary needs can be catered for
  • Vegetarian choices available daily
  • Development of social skills
  • Food to help children think and grow
  • Increase in concentration levels in the afternoon after eating a well-balanced school lunch