We work alongside our emergency planning partners in the Lancashire Resilience Forum to assess the risks we face from emergencies and to produce a community risk register.

This downloadable document details a variety of risks that, if realised, may impact upon not only Blackpool but the wider Lancashire area and possibly beyond. 

Lancashire Community Risk Register

The Lancashire community risk register is a valuable source of information for businesses, the voluntary sector and any interested party in the community in order to assess the impact to them of the risks identified in the document.

This can greatly assist in the planning and preparation for emergencies which in turn contributes to enhancing the resilience of our communities and that of the UK.

Are you aware of the risks in your area and the measures that you need to take as a resident/business? The Preparing for Emergencies booklet contained within the Community Risk Register provides a helpful guide in assisting you in preparing for risks that you may face.