Register a birth

When to register

You should register the birth of your child within 42 days (6 weeks) of the birth. If you don't register in this period, we will write to you to remind you of your legal responsibility.

Blackpool Registration Service can only register births that take place at the following places:

  • Blackpool Victoria Hospital
  • Home births where the council tax is payable to Blackpool Council

Where to register

You can also:

  • Telephone 01253 953723 to make an appointment at Victoria Hospital. There is limited availability for birth appointments here
  • Telephone 01253 477177 to make appointments for Talbot and Brunswick, Grange Park or The Town Hall. You can also use this number if you have a query or question or would prefer to discuss your circumstances with a member of our staff

Births in Wyre and Fylde

If your baby was born in Blackpool but you live in the Wyre or Fylde districts and you are unable to attend the Blackpool offices, you can register by declaration with Lancashire Registration Service who will send the details to us. Any certificates you request and pay for with a cheque or postal order will be forwarded to you within a few days. If you wish to do this, please telephone 0300 123 6705 to book an appointment.

Who should register

If the parents were married to each other at the time of the birth, either the mother or father can register the birth. Under these circumstances both parents automatically acquire parental responsibility.

If the parents were not married to each other, the simplest way is for both parents to attend the registration together. Under these circumstances, both parents will acquire parental responsibility upon signing the register.

More information on Parental Responsibility.

If it is not possible for the unmarried parents to attend the registration together, there are three other ways the father’s details can be registered:

  1. The father fills in a statutory declaration form confirming he is the father and has this witnessed by a legal professional as specified on the form. The mother attends an appointment bringing the signed form with her. Copies of the form are available at all registration offices or you can download a copy of the statutory declaration form.
  2. The mother fills in a statutory declaration form confirming she the mother and has this witnessed by a legal professional as specified on the form. The father attends an appointment bringing the signed form with him. Copies of the form are available at all registration offices or you can download a copy of the statutory declaration form.
  3. In some cases a court order may be made naming the father. In this case the mother can register the birth alone, but please contact the registration service first as authorisation is needed before the birth registration can go ahead.

If neither the mother nor the father are able to attend within the 6 weeks, registration can be undertaken by one of these people:

  • The occupier of the house or hospital where the child was born, provided they were aware of the birth
  • Someone who was present at the birth
  • Someone who is responsible for the child

Child's surname

The mother of the child can give the child any forename and surname she chooses. She does not need the father's permission to give his surname or her own. 

A man registered on the birth certificate as the father of the child has no right to insist the child is given a particular name, for example, his surname.

A married couple can also choose any surname for their child. It does not have to be the name of either of the parents.

Once a surname has been recorded it can only be changed if:

  • The parents apply to re-register the baby because they were not married when the baby’s birth was first registered and the father’s details were not recorded
  • The parents marry each other after the child was born. The birth must be re-registered in this case even if the baby was given the father’s surname when the baby’s birth was first registered

For more information on how to re-register your child's birth please call 01253 477177 or email us at




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