Dogs on a lead

In certain areas dogs must be kept on a lead, this applies to all roads, pavements and footpaths.

If a dog is not on a lead the owner may be liable to a fine of up to £100.

Areas where your dog must be kept on a lead


  • Any highway and any other road to which the public has access 
  • Sport grounds, fields and pitches not subject to the Dogs Exclusion (Blackpool Borough Council) Order 2012, when in use for authorised sporting facilities 
  • Bowling green peripheries 
  • Allotments 
  • Cemeteries and Crematoria 
  • Ecological Sites 
  • Nature reserves 
  • Car parks 
  • The Promenades between North and South Piers, and being the open areas of land which lie between the easterly fence/track edge of the tramway and the beach
  • All tram tracks and adjacent footways
  • Cavendish Road Recreation Ground 
  • Princess Parade Crazy Golf 
  • Gynn Flagstaff Gardens 
  • Jubilee Gardens 
  • Highfield Park 
  • Louis Horrocks Recreational Ground 
  • Stanley Park –area situated near to the Kenwyn Avenue entrance and that part to the north of  an imaginary line extending from the Kenwyn Avenue entrance to the clock tower and thence to and along the south shore of the boating lake 
  • Warbeck Recreational Ground 
  • Memorial arboretum 
  • Marton Mere local nature reserve 
  • Fylde Memorial Arboretum and Community Woodland 
  • Bispham Library gardens 
  • Central Library gardens 
  • George Bancroft Park 
  • Raikes Parade open space 
  • South shore crescent (north & south) open space 
  • David Slack Allotment site
  • Solaris Centre

Reporting a problem

To report a problem with dogs not being on a lead in these areas, please contact the dog warden on 01253 477477.