Approval of premises for marriage and civil partnerships

You need a marriage and civil partnership premise licence to hold civil ceremonies in approved venues. You also need to have  your building certified if you wish to use it for religious worship and/or register the building for the solemnisation of marriages or civil partnerships. 

Apply for an Approval of Premises licence for your civil venue

If this is your first time applying for approval of your premises, please ring the Superintendent Registrar on 01253 477167. She will have an informal chat with you, arrange to see your premises and talk you through the process before you apply in an official capacity.

You can also download an application form, complete it and return by post.

Application for a licence to use premises for civil marriage and civil partnership [PDF 266KB]

Once you have completed the form and attached all relevant supporting documents and full payment, please return it to:

The Superintendent Registrar
Registration Service
Blackpool Council
Municipal Buildings
Corporation Street

Cheques are payable to Blackpool Council.

Licences are normally granted within 3 months from when you make the application.

Approval of premises fees

Approval of premises fees from 1 April 2019
Application fee
Up to 2 rooms £1,200
Each additional room    £310
Additional rooms after initial approval or changed configuration    £700
One off approval for naming or renewal of vows ceremony    £285
Renewal certificate
Existing rooms    £730
If renewal involves an additional room to those on existing certificate (additional cost added to the existing rooms)    £330
Review of proper officer's decision to refuse an application    £700

Certify a building for worship and marriage

Find out from the website how to certify a building for religious worship and register it for the solemnisation of marriage.

Certification for religious worship and registration for marriage

Fees from 1 April 2019
Certification of a place or meeting for religious worship   £29
Registration of a building for the solemnisation of marriages £123

Civil Partnerships in religious buildings

Fees from 1 April 2019
Application for approval of premises £123
Fee for attendance to register any ceremonies after approval                                                                                   £84