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Before applying for a licence

Before applying for the license for approval of Premises for Marriages and Civil Partnerships, please read the following guidance notes to ensure you meet the requirements. 

1. The application must be made by the proprietor or a trustee of the premises. If successful, the applicant will be the holder of the approval

2. The non-returnable fee for this application must be submitted online at the time of the application

3. The building should not be a register office or have any recent or ongoing connection with religion, religious practice or religious persuasion

4. The premises must satisfy the local authority on: 

a) Fire precautions 
b) Health and safety provisions such as public liability insurance (with cover explicitly for ceremonies) 

5. You should consult the planning authority as to whether planning consent is required for the premises to be used for marriages or civil partnerships and attach evidence if consent is required

6. After the initial online application, you must understand that: 

a) The premises will be inspected for suitability before approval is granted and, if this application is successful may be subject to subsequent inspection
b) a copy plan of the premises showing the room(s) in which it is intended that marriages or civil partnerships will take place must be supplied to the Local Authority inspector at the time of the inspection. Any other documents pertaining to the application (such as current fire assessments or other relevant licenses that fall under Local Authority licensing, entertainment legislation or planning) must be available to view at the time of the inspection
c) Public notice of the application will be given by advertisement in a newspaper with a period of three weeks for objections

7. If approval is granted: 

a) The license will last for a three year period, subject to revocation
b) The premises must be regularly available for public use for either the solemnisation of marriages or the registration of civil partnerships; 
c) You will comply with the ‘Qualifying Criteria’ and any local conditions, such as those set out in ‘Conditions Attached to Grants of Approval.’ 

8. You should now read the information in Qualifying Criteria, Conditions Attached to Grants of Approval and After the Grant of Approval.