Schools Forum is made up of representatives from schools and academies, but with some representation from other non-school organisations, such as nursery and post-16 education providers.

The Forum acts as a consultative body on some financial issues and a decision making body on others.


The Forum, which is a public meeting, meets four times a year and details of the agendas, associated paperwork and minutes can be found below.

Minutes and agendas

Date Documents 
12 January

Minutes [PDF 230KB]

15 March

Minutes [PDF 223KB]

21 June

Minutes [PDF 228 KB]

11 October Minutes [PDF 240 KB]


10 January Agenda [PDF 3815 KB]

Minutes [PDF 418 KB]

14 March

Agenda [PDF 4029 KB]
Minutes [PDF 343KB]

20 June Agenda [PDF 4.38MB]
Minutes [PDF 380KB]
10 October

Agenda [PDF 442Kb]
Minutes [PDF 378Kb]


Date                       Document
16 January

Agenda [PDF 704Kb]                       
Minutes [PDF 389Kb]

13 March

Agenda [PDF 2365Kb]
Minutes [PDF 380Kb]

19 June

Agenda [PDF 974Kb]

Minutes [91.6Kb]

9 October

Agenda [PDF 757kb]
Minutes [84Kb]



Date                       Document
15 January

Agenda [PDF 1981Kb]

Draft Minutes [PDF 102Kb]

12 March


18 June


8 October