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Events in Stanley Park

Stanley Park is managed to provide enjoyment of open air, outdoor recreation and public access. Events held in the Stanley Park should be consistent with these ideals. Events are carefully considered to provide a range of recreational opportunities, which enhance the reputation of the park, and give the public access to affordable, noteworthy and well run events without detracting from the overall nature of the park. 

If you would like to run an activity, it will need to meet a number of objectives. The availability of a particular site for an event is considered against the overall impact it would have on the park and it's users throughout the year. Commercial activity is tightly controlled, but we're keen to work in partnership to develop activities and events that encourage new groups and communities into the park. 

Small events  

Typical examples of small events are: 

  • Sponsored runs, walks, etc, for a few hundred people 
  • A picnic 
  • A community sports competition 
  • A guided walk 
  • A concert on a bandstand 
  • One-off small performing arts events such as outdoor opera, a recital or theatre production, with an expected audience of a few hundred people. 

For further information on small events, please view the Small events guide.

Large scale events  

Large scale events include: 

  • Outdoor concerts 
  • Festivals 
  • Large sponsored runs and walks 
  • Mass participation sports events 
  • Large performing arts events 
  • Any event that would normally involve co-ordination with the local authority, emergency services or similar. 

Proposals will be considered by the Stanley Park and parks development manager, please download the Guidelines For Event Organisers. 

Contact details

For enquires about holding events please  contact: 

Telephone: 01253 478167

Email: or