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Typical examples of small events are:

  • A small sponsored run or walk or similar
  • A guided walk
  • A community sports competition
  • A concert on a bandstand
  • One-off small performing arts events such as outdoor opera, a recital or theatre production, with an expected audience of a few hundred people.

Advice on holding larger events in Stanley Park can be found in Guidelines for Event Organisers, which can be downloaded from the Related Documents list on this page. 

This page contains details of:

  • How to apply to hold a small event
  • The assessment process of your application
  • The council’s park rules and regulations

Licensing Act 2003

The park is licensed for regulated entertainment, under the Licensing Act 2003. You will not normally need to apply for a licence separately. The local council licences impose conditions upon the Stanley Park, which must be adhered to. When you apply for an event we will let you have a copy of the conditions that apply to the park. 


Please view the park fees, to see a full up-to-date list of the park land and facility hire costs. In addition to an event fee you will have to pay for any services that we provide, or for any costs that we incur. You may also be asked to pay a reinstatement bond, which is returned to you after successful completion of your event.

Applying to hold a small event or run an activity in the park

Please complete our event application form

Park events application form

For events between April and September, it is advisable to submit your application as early as possible as these dates are particularly in demand and availability is often limited.

Assessing your application

The assessment criteria of your event/activity application include:

  • Is the event suitable for the park?
  • Would the event clash with any other?
  • Will the organiser be able to meet the conditions of the local authority license?
  • What time of year is it?
  • How much lead time is there?
  • Track record of the organiser?

Park regulations

If you wish to do any of the following as part of your event you must include a request to do so in your application. (This will not guarantee permission being granted, all requests need to be discussed with Stanley Park's manager before they are allowed to do the following):

  • Bring vehicles into the park (other than on roads that are normally open to the public)
  • Bring equipment or infrastructure into the park, e.g. gazebos, mini marquees, tables etc
  • Play music in the park
  • Display banners, posters or similar advertisements of your event or sponsor or charity
  • Run any stalls offering items for sale or literature to take away

All event organisers will be expected to do the following:

  • Put all litter into litter bins or take their waste away with them
  • Adhere to the route and site plan agreed prior to the event
  • The organisers of most events must take out public liability insurance of £5,000,000 per incident
  • Provide the park with evidence of your competence at organising events e.g. a method statement and/or a risk assessment
  • Ensure that the supervision of children participating in the event is maintained at all times by competent adults
  • Provide adequate stewards for the event. Runs, cycle rides and walks will be expected to provide stewards at road crossings for example
  • Make arrangements for first aid

Event organisers will not be permitted to do any of the following in Stanley Park:

  • Fix items to trees railings, fences or other structure in the park
  • Drive stakes into the ground
  • Cook or barbecue any food in the park, or light any fires, e.g. flaming torches
  • Provide alcohol as part of the event
  • Leave items unattended in the park
  • Let the event interfere with any other park users or obstruct other park users
  • Hand out literature other than from a fixed location (e.g. a stall) within an event
  • Do bucket collections or similar, i.e. solicit donations from park visitors
  • Balloon releases
  • Pyrotechnics
  • Disturb any wildlife

Acceptance of proposal

When we are satisfied that your event can go ahead, we will contact you to give permission. The permission letter and any licences issued must be carried with you on the day of the event, should you be asked by a member of parks staff or the Police to show it.