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Council tax reduction scheme

Council tax benefit has been replaced by the council tax reduction scheme. This followed a decrease in the amount of funding provided by the government. The scheme, which has been adopted by the council, ensures the funding gap is met.

In practical terms this means:

  • If you have reached state pension age, your calculated Council Tax Reduction award will not have any further reduction applied unless you have a partner who has not yet reached pension age.
  • If you have not reached state pension credit age, your award will be reduced to 27.11% unless any of the things listed below apply to you or your partner in which case your award will be reduced to 13.56%
    • War Pension 
    • Carers Allowance
    • Disabled child
    • Lone parents with a child under the age of 5
    • DLA- any component and rate
    • PIP- any component and rate
    • Income Support
    • Job Seekers Allowance (Income based)
    • Employment and Support Allowance (Income based)
  • Newly Protected Groups from April 2019
    • UC not working
    • UC - limited capability for work (previously ESA)
    • JSAC
    • ESAC

This means that you will now need to pay or pay more towards your council tax. The amount you need to pay will be shown on your bill.

Please remember, if you have a change of circumstances to your income, capital or household you must report it to us straight away.

If you are not liable for council tax this change will not affect you.

If you wish to view Blackpool Council's Council Tax Reduction Scheme for 2021/22 then please let us know by sending us an email to or by telephoning us on 01253 478847.

Use our online application form to make your claim

Things to consider

Ways to reduce your council tax for example do you qualify for a discount

  • You could reduce your monthly bill by asking us to spread your council tax over 12 months instead of 10
  • You could contact an advice agency for support on how to manage your finances
  • You could pay  your council tax instalments by Direct Debit
  • Maximise your income by seeking employment or increasing your hours if possible

Discretionary discount

If you are receiving council tax reduction and still have to pay some council tax you may be able to receive further assistance.

You will have to let us know the reason you and your partner (if you have one) cannot work or increase your income.

You will normally have to meet at least one of the criteria below and each case will be considered individually and carefully.

  • You have children aged under 5
  • You have a disabled child
  • You are already working full time
  • You are waiting to start a new job
  • You are a full time carer
  • You are in receipt of Employment Support Allowance with the support component or Long Term Incapacity Benefit
  • You are pregnant or on maternity leave

Each case will be considered on its merits however all of the following criteria will also have to be met:

  • There must be evidence of hardship or personal circumstances that justifies a further reduction for council tax liability
  • The council must be satisfied that the customer has taken reasonable steps to resolve their situation prior to application
  • The customer does not have access to other assets that could be realised and used to pay the council tax
  • All other eligible discounts/reliefs have been awarded to the customer.

Find out more information from our Discretionary Discount Policy [PDF 720KB].


All applications must be made on line.

Money Advice Service

More information and help are available from the Money Advice Service