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Blackpool Families Rock

Blackpool Families Rock is a culture, and model of practice which focuses on three principles when working and supporting families in Blackpool.

The three principles of Blackpool Families Rock are: Head, heart hands.

Head, how we think

  • Don't be nosey
  • No jargon
  • Share your knowlege
  • Think about how you talk about us
  • Think about how you write about us
  • Be calming
  • Share what you know about us
  • Be non - judgemental
  • Walk in my shoes

Heart, how we behave

  • We are all human
  • We all make mistakes
  • Integrity is important
  • Trusting relationships
  • Mutual respect
  • Kindness
  • Be brave
  • Never give up on me
  • See me
  • See the good things
  • Share the power

Hands, how we work

  • See our strengths
  • Less talk, more action
  • Find out what works for us
  • Show us you've listened by your actions
  • State our journey
  • Get to know me
  • Know my support networks
  • Celebrate the positives
  • Support us to develop our own plans
  • Help us to find our own solutions
  • Honesty always
  • Have discussions, not meetings
  • See our uniqueness
  • Make time for me

For more information and to learn how Blackpool Families Rock was created, visit the co - production team website.