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New to the area or wishing to transfer

New to Blackpool or returning to school from elective home education?

If you have moved to reside within the Blackpool area, or already reside here and your children are electively home educated; to apply for a school place, then you must complete Blackpool Council's In Year application form.  Please click on the link below.

Please read the guidance notes on the form carefully before completing.

If you would prefer a paper application, we can post to you. To request, email or ring 01253 476446 or 01253 476637.

Transfers between Blackpool School and Academies

If you have a child who is already on roll in a Blackpool school or academy, then you must obtain a blackpool council transfer form to apply for another school place in Blackpool.  The completed form once signed by the Headteacher of the current school should be returned by the parent to the school admissions team, children's services, po box 4, FY1 1NA

Secondary school

If your child attends a Blackpool secondary school and you are thinking of transferring him or her to another Blackpool secondary school, you should make an appointment with their current school to discuss your reasons for wanting a move. 

The in-year application form is only available from the child's current school.  The completed form and all relevant information provided by the school must be returned by the parent to the school admissions team.

Primary school

If your child attends a Blackpool primary school and you wish to transfer him or her to another Blackpool primary school, you must complete the primary in-year application form. 

A copy of the form can be obtained from the current primary school, or the school admissions team by email or ring 01253 476637.

Local agreements for in-year admissions

First day of term protocol for Blackpool school transfers

Blackpool schools and academies use a first day of term protocol.  If you apply for your child to transfer to another Blackpool school and a place can be offered , a start date will be given for the beginning of the next term. Own admission authorities may agree earlier start dates and/or there are exceptional reasons for an earlier transfer.

Please see the links below for full information:

First day of term protocol

Returning to school from elective home education

For children withdrawn from school for elective home education, an application can only be made for the school they left if the application is made within two terms of the deregistration.


School admissions team

PO Box 4, Blackpool, FY1 1NA
Telephone 01253 476446/01253 476637//01253 476833