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School improvement and interventions team

This team provides strategic leadership to the school system and consists of officers with significant experience of senior leadership in schools. This includes strengthening school leadership and developing and aligning local educational policy to national policy developments.

The team provides a wide range of services to schools including:

  • Advice, guidance and support for all aspects of school improvement
  • An annual conversation to review and quality assure provision and identify priorities
  • Pre and post Ofsted support
  • Professional development and support for leadership
  • Support for NQTs
  • Brokering school-to-school support for those schools with concerns
  • Fulfilling all statutory responsibilities regarding aspects of assessment and moderation

Blackpool local authority seeks to tackle underperformance in schools and promote high standards through intervention and quality assurance and seeks to establish positive relationships with all schools, whether maintained, academies and multi-academy trusts.

If an academy seeks support and training from the authority, this is available.

Assessment and moderation

  • The local authority has statutory duties in relation to schools causing concern and the moderation and quality assurance of the EYFS Profile, as well as statutory assessment at Key Stages 1 and 2
  • .The local authority provides support through this process for leaders to ensure they can meet the rigour of the assessment process in primary schools, both maintained and academies
  • The service has a strong reputation, both for best practice and high standards. We are dedicated to providing schools with the information they need to ensure a successful assessment process.
  • We work with all primary education establishments in Blackpool and we see this commitment of schools and academies as an endorsement of the quality of service we provide
  • We offer the following moderation and monitoring activities:

Pay as you go training (academies) which includes:

  • Teachers New to Year 2
  • Teachers New to Year 6- KS1 reading, writing, maths and science moderation
  • KS2 writing moderation
  • Headteacher/assessment leads briefings
  • If your school is selected for moderation we offer free meet the moderation team briefings
  • Our service also provides regular key updates to schools regarding the changes to regulations and how they affect schools