School Improvement

The Blackpool School Improvement Board (BSIB) was established in 2016 to improve outcomes for children, particularly in the town’s secondary schools.

The school improvement strategy, which underpins the work of the BSIB, is based on an all through approach where the achievements of the children in the primary schools (which are predominantly good) are built upon at secondary level.

Leaders from both primary and secondary schools work collaboratively in School Family Groups (SFGs) in a school led, asset -based approach. Together they share good practice from within and outside of Blackpool.

Their ultimate shared focus is to ensure that all children in Blackpool receive a positive, inclusive and inspiring educational environment in which they can succeed and achieve.

The school improvement team also provides assessment and moderation support to schools and can broker any further support needed.

For further information please contact Paul Turner, Head of school standards, safeguarding and inclusion.

Blackpool Music Service

Blackpool music service is nationally accredited and has supported over 21,000 children in the last year.

PE and sport

Blackpool PE and sport team is made up of qualified teachers and sports coaches and offers a range of services to schools