The Pledge

Last modified 05/07/2018 11:51:57

THE PLEDGE for Blackpool 

signed pledge 2016- 2017The Pledge is a set of promises that Blackpool Council makes to all looked after children and young people and care leavers and was written and designed by the Justuz children in care council members

Justuz asked the Chief Executive, Leader of the Blackpool Council, Assistant Director and other important people who make the decisions about Children’s Service to sign it but more importantly make a commitment to keeping these promises to all looked after children young people and care leavers here in Blackpool.

just click on the pledge to read it.

These are the promises that Justuz think are really important to them and hopefully are to you to.

If you don’t think these promises are being kept or you think some other promises need to be added to Blackpool’s Pledge.

Then the Head of Children Services Louise Story would like you to hear from you.

Please contact Louise on 01253 478057 or email: