What we do

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this is what we have been up to so far ……..

Justuz said … The consultation books you were asked to fill in before your review were rubbish they were too long and asked really nosey questions!

So we changed them.

Justuz helped design the new booklets for your reviews.

Your Review, Your Life, Your Voice !

We hope you like them better!

Justuz said .... We didn’t ask you where and when you would like your reviews to held. We just set the date then invited you to your meeting! Even if you had made plans already!

So we designed a My Review, My Choice booklet, you should receive this booklet six weeks before your review so you can decide how and when you would like your review to be held and if you want to chair your own review meeting.

Make sure you fill it in and send back to IRO in the post. It’s free !!

You can fill in your My Review, My Choice Booklet 

Justuz said … They sometimes find it difficult to get hold of their social workers and they don’t always return their calls!

So we designed a Contact Us Card  every child and young person will have one of these cards filled out for them by their social worker. It will have their social workers phone no, mobile no, so you can call or text them, their email address,  the office duty no , their managers no , the days your social worker is in work and the Out of Hours no just in case you need to speak to someone at the weekends or evenings

The head of children’s social care has also told all social worker’s that they must return your calls within 24 hours of leaving a message.

Let us know if that’s not happening!

The Celebration of Achievement Awards

Justuz said… They wanted to us to acknowledge and celebrate their achievements.Awards

So every year in March we now hold the Celebration of Achievement Awards Over 120 children,young people and care leavers have won awards so far.

You can find out more about the awards and how you can get nominated here.


The You're Hired Crew!

Justuz said… We want to have a say in, who you employ to support us!

So we have created a youth interview panel “The You're Hired Crew”.  

Every time we need to employ someone who will work directly with children and young people in children’s services they will have to be interviewed by us.

Would you like to be part of the interview panel and have a say in who we employ?

Then let us know!

You can call/text Kirsty on 0779 6707 747 or Emma on 07387250097

email justuz@blackpool.gov.uk


Passport to Leisure

Justuz said...... We want the Passport to Leisure Card to continue after we are 16 years of age.

So Justuz went to Corporate Parenting Panel and asked for this change to be made, they gave them really good reason why they thought it should happen, the panel agreed with Justuz and they asked the Chief Executive Neil Jack and the Director of Children's Social Care Diane Booth if they could make this happen.

This change has now been agreed so from August 2015 you will be able to have a passport to leisure care until you are 21 years of age or up to 25 if you are in education or training.


See things really can change!

The Justuz groups are already making a big difference and your corporate parents really want to hear about their ideas and suggestion on how we can make things better for looked after children, young people and care leavers in Blackpool.

You really can make a difference, so why don't you get involved and join the Justuz gang!