Your corporate parent

Last modified 09/03/2021 16:52:39

Who is a Corporate parent?

Blackpool Council is the 'Corporate Parent' to every looked after child and young person in Blackpool

This means that everyone who works there must make it their priority to ensure that every child and young person in care gets the right help and support to be safe, happy and healthy. We want to make sure that all children in Blackpool have a good education, all have access to the same opportunities and get the best start in life. 

The Corporate Parenting Panel has a meeting every other month, and the Chair of 'Justuz' goes to these meetings. The panel gets regular updates from Justuz about what it is like to be looked after and how they think services can be improved


Councillor Lynn Williams is the chair of the Corporate Parenting Panel and is the the Leader of the Council.








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