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Last modified 22/04/2022 12:37:22

Here you will find the latest news, information and details of any upcoming events you can get involved with. Why don't you keep up to date with this page, and make sure you don't miss out. 

Justuz Children in Care council’s WAR AGAINST WORDS

Our children have set us a new challenge; they would like us to stop talking to them in social work language and speak to them like you would speak to your own children and family.

They know this is going to be a real challenge for us all!

So to help get us started they have asked us to ban some six key words and phrases that we tend to use a lot and use normal every day words to describe them instead.

THE WORDS ARE….                       


The New Blackpool Care leaver Offer will be with you soon!

It is currently being co-produced with members of the Care Leaver Forum if you have any comments or would like to get involved with its production please contact your Participation Team call/text Kirsty on 07796707747 or email Alicia on alicia.walsh@ycj.bcloud.org.uk

Celebration of Achievement awards 2018

On Friday 16th March 2018 the Annual Celebration of Achievement Awards for Looked After and Leaving Care young people will take place.

Awards will be given to young people who achieved in the areas of:

  • Working hard in education Award
  • Positive contribution achievement Award
  • Creative achievement Award
  • Personal achievement Award
  • Special recognition for outstanding achievement Award
  • Sporting achievement Award
  • Contribution to improving the lives of Looked After young people Award

Have you received your invite yet? If not contact Kirtsy Fisher to book your place. 

The Takeover Challenge 2017 

Would you like to Take Over for the Day! Lots of senior management jobs up for grabs and you get to make all the decisions!  Why don't you get involved and give it a go!

The aim of the Challenge is to develop young peoples involvement in organisations' work for an whole day - taking over the jobs of staff members within Blackpool Council. The more children and young people are involved in an organisations' work, the more successful their Takeover Challenge will be. 


The Takeover Challenge is all about recognising children and young people's hard work; so it doesn't have to stop after a single day. If you help design a project or work on something which may take a while to finish - you could be invited back to be involved in the future.

Takeover Day happens every November but we will update this space once we have a confirmed date.

If you are a young person who likes to get involved, why not give it a go !

Find out more information about the Takeover Challenge here. 

If you'd like to be involved in Blackpool Council's Takeover Challenge - contact Kirsty Fisher to find out more. 

Call or Text:  07796 707747 or 01253 477536

Email: kirsty.fisher@blackpool.gov.uk