Your Education

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Don’t worry just because you are looked after by us, that does not mean you will have to move to a different school. We will work really hard to make sure you continue to attend the same school.

The only reason children and young people sometimes do move to a new school is when everyone including YOU decides that it is the right move for you. If this happens, we will make sure that you are asked what you want and we will support you through the change to your new school.

Your carers will help you get to your school or college and even help where they can with your homework!

They will also go to your school open evenings, plays, sports day and any other school events you are involved in, so they can support all your achievements.

We want you to really enjoy going to school and do your very best,so if you are finding school hard or need some help with your work, please speak to your social worker, carer or teacher.    

The Virtual School

Janette Weafer is the Head teacher of the Virtual School it is her responsibility to make sure that everything to do with your education is in place. Janette and her team will make sure (without anyone in your school knowing) that your school or college is doing everything they can to support you.

Find out more about the Virtual School.



All of you should have a Personal Education Plan. This plan is reviewed three times a year at a PEP meeting. At the meeting your targets in school are agreed, your progress is checked to see how you are doing and what your school can do to support you if you need some extra help.

They also discuss how your pupil premium money is spent. This is the money your school gets to help you so its important it is used in the best way possible so you can make good progress.The money could be used to pay for extra lessons, tuition or educational aids. How it's spent will be discussed at your personal education plan meeting and written into you PEP.


Are you thinking about going to university? Then talk to your social worker or personal advisor about the help that is available to you. They will talk to you about what financial support you could be entitled to and help you to find a place to live during university and what will happen during term times and holidays.

Check out these link for lots of advice and information about going to university!

Have you joined your local library yet? It's free and easy!

Children and young people of all ages are welcome throughout the Library Service and you are never too young to become library members.

Find the nearest library to you. There are books, DVDs, computer games and a space for you to chill out and relax...

Did you know that there are fun holiday crafts and activities, children's book groups and homework clubs in libraries too!


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