My Care Plan

Last modified 22/04/2022 13:02:08

Your Plan will say what we promise to do for you.

There are lots of important things that must be in it, including:

  • Where you will live and who will look after you
  • How you will keep in touch with the people you care about
  • Your education
  • Your health
  • Your hobbies and interests
  • And lots of other things that are important to you

Your care plan will have a list of jobs that your social worker and other people involved in your life need to do for you. If all these jobs are done then they should help you to feel safe, feel well, feel confident and most of all feel happier. They should also make sure that you are getting the right help to do well at school or college.

You should have a copy of your plan, so you know what it says. If you don’t have a copy just ask you social worker.

Your social worker will listen to you and include the things that are important to you in your care plan. They will always try are best to act on your wishes, however if this isn’t possible and you can’t have want you want, your social worker should always explain why.