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Independent Reviewing Officer or IRO’s are the people who lead reviews meetings for children and young people who are ‘looked after’ by Blackpool Council.

Their main job is to make sure that your Care Plan is meeting your needs. That means that you are happy and safe, being looked after properly, get to see the people who are important to you, that you are healthy, doing well at school or college and make plans for your future.

They do this by 

  • Chairing your review meeting or help you to chair your own
  • Making sure you are listened to and you get to say what you want to happen
  • Making sure that everyone does what they agreed to do

This is your review meeting so it is very important that they know how you feel and what you want to happen. They will do this by coming to see you before each review meeting so they can find out how things are going for you and what you would like to talk about at your meeting.

It is really important that you attend your meetings so you can have your say and understand the decisions that are being made about your life.

At each review meeting they will look at:

  • Your care plan and does it meet your needs
  • What actions need to be taken to make sure everything is being done properly
  • Who needs to do what
  • When they need to do this by

What happens next?

After your review your IRO will write to you to confirm what decisions were made at your review, what actions were agreed and who is going to do them and by when.

You can contact your IRO at any time, not just around the time of your review if you have any questions or worries about your Care Plan.

Just ask them for an IRO Contact us card when they come to see you. This will have on all their contact details.

For more info about the role of your IRO check out

The Young People's Guide to the IRO Handbook

Who is your IRO's Manager?

Steve Cook is the Senior Manager for all the IRO’s here in Blackpool. It's his job to make sure that every looked after child and young person has an IRO, that you know who your IRO is and that you have your review meetings regularly and on time. It is also his job to make sure that your IRO is doing a good job and is listening to your wishes and understands your feelings.

If you have any worries about your IRO or would like to discuss anything about your IRO or care plan then you can contact Steve on:

01253 477094 or email him on