My Review

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Plan your review

It is very important that you feel comfortable and relaxed at your review, so we want to arrange your review meeting just how you want it.

Please fill in your My Review, My Choice booklet below, so your IRO can arrange your review for you. 

My Review, My Choice booklet 11 to 18 years

My Review, My Choice 4 to 10 years

have your say!

You will also be asked to complete your My Review, My Life, My Voice booklet before your meeting, this will help you tell everyone at your meeting how you are doing and what you want to talk about.

Just click on the right booklet for you below. 

My Review, My Life, My Voice 11 to 18 years

My Review, My Life, My Voice 4 to 10 years

Remember You are the most important person at your review and it is your chance to say what you want to happen.

 If you have any further questions about your review, please speak to us. If would like information regarding anything else please email or call 01253 477536. 

 wHat IS an 'IRO'? 

An Independent Reviewing Officer (or IRO) are the people who lead review meetings for children and young people who are looked after by Blackpool Council.

Their main job is to make sure that your Plan is meeting your needs.

This could mean talking about and making sure that you are:

  • Happy and safe
  • Being looked after properly
  • Getting to see the people who are important to you
  • Are healthy
  • Doing well at school or college
  • Getting help to make plans for your future 

This is your review so it is important that it is arranged and planned just how you want it.

what is a review?

A review is a meeting where you and the people who care about you formally get together to look at how you are doing since you became looked after and make some plans for the future. Your social worker will be asked to write a Plan for you and this will get reviewed at every meeting to make sure the plan is right for you and most importantly to see if you are happy with how everything is going.

  • WITHIN FOUR WEEKS   Your first review must take place within four weeks of you coming into our care 
  • THE SECOND REVIEW   Your second review must be held three months after your first one
  • MOVING FORWARD   You will then have a review every six months whilst you are in our care

Before every review your IRO (Independent Reviewing Officer) will ask you how and where you want your review to happen and who you would like to be there.

The laws tell us that every Looked Child or young person must have a review meeting on a regular basis to make sure we are caring for you properly. The law also says we must listen to your wishes and feelings about the things that effect your lives.