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We comply with all Blackpool Council policies and in addition we also have the following service specific policy.

The IAS Service will remain at arms length from Blackpool Council and impartial at all times.

Arms length means:

  • The service works strategically to influence policy, as appropriate, for instance being based on young person and parent feedback
  • Case files are stored confidentially and are not shared with local authority officers or other stakeholders unless parents/carers or YP post 16 give consent or there is an issue that could place the child at risk of potential harm
  • A confidential helpline is in place
  • All staff are aware of confidentiality and impartiality at all times
  • All staff remain impartial when delivering information, advice and support

To be impartial we will:

  • Listen and think before we speak or act so as not to express an opinion;
    avoid making comments such as “that’s illegal” or “they can’t do that” as these types of phrases may cause parents and young people to become more anxious
  • Offer support and factual information referring to guidance and legislation where appropriate, e.g. “SEND Code of Practice….”
  • Not take sides with parents/carers, young people, the Local Authority or any other stakeholders;
  • Empower the parent/carer or young person to speak for themselves and make informed decisions;
  • Help the parent/carer, young people resolve issues
  • Only act on information given to them by the parent/carer or young person unless they have been given consent to speak to other professionals

If a point of legislation is in question, the team will seek advice from an independent body such as the Independent Parental Special Education Advice (IPSEA).

This policy will be reviewed annually and amended if necessary.
Reviewed February 2019