Safeguarding means looking out for and trying to protect others in our community who are vulnerable, or may be at risk of harm. If you think that someone is at risk, you need to raise an alarm, everyone can make a difference.

The Safeguarding Adults Board is a group of organisations which meet together to discuss and monitor how to protect vulnerable people with the view to keeping them safe. 

Who sits on the Safeguarding board?

Senior staff from Blackpool Council, Lancashire Police, Blackpool Clinical Commissioning Group, Lancashire Care Foundation Trust, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service, Public Health, Local Advocacy Services, NHS England, Probation and Blackpool Coastal Housing.

The Members of the Board attend meetings to discuss how to ensure that adults in Blackpool are protected from harm as effectively as possible. These Meetings are chaired by an independent chair person.

The Board is supported by a Business Development Manager and Administrator and the team is hosted by Blackpool Council.

What do they discuss?

The organisations meet together to discuss how all of the agencies involved can work together to protect Adults who are seen as vulnerable or ‘at risk’.

An adult at risk is defined as:

as a person aged over 18 who “is or may be in need of community care services by reason of mental or other disability, age or illness and who is or may be unable to take care of him or herself or unable to protect him or herself against significant harm or exploitation” (No Secrets 2000).

What do they do? 

The Board makes sure that all of the agencies involved have effective safeguarding policies and procedures and make sure that organisations work together in the best way possible in order to protect adults who may be at risk.

The Board can request a serious case review to be undertaken.

How do I share concerns about an adult at risk?

Pan Lancashire and Cumbria Multi Agency Safeguarding Procedures

The Pan Lancashire and Cumbria Safeguarding Adults Partnership have launched a multi-agency safeguarding manual. The manual is for the whole adult workforce and aims to promote multi-agency working and provide information about safeguarding adults ‘at risk’ of abuse and neglect. This online manual provides access to a shared approach to adult safeguarding across the four areas, including consistent language and commonly used Terms.

Please note, this is separate from any single agency / internal procedures you may need to refer to.

Contacting the Safeguarding Adults Board

Telephone:  01253 476931



Address: Blackpool Safeguarding Adults Board, Progress House, Clifton Road, Blackpool, FY4 4US

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