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Sourcing privately rented accommodation


It is important that you read this fact sheet to the end.

To find and secure suitable, affordable, private rented accommodation we recommend you take the following steps:

You will likely need to fund a bond and/or rent in advance. You may be able to do this by:

To find a private rented property you can search these useful Websites:

If you have no access to the internet you can attend:

The budget sheet below will also help you work out how much rent you can afford to pay. If you are on a low income you may qualify for help with your rent through Universal Credit (Housing Element) or Housing Benefit.

It is advisable to stay close to your Local Housing Allowance limit to ensure the property is affordable.

You may also wish to apply for social housing 

For further information please contact housing options:

Telephone: 01253 477760 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 1.00pm to 5.00pm or Friday 9.00am to 4.30pm

Financial statement

Weekly ☐ Monthly ☐

For week to month: multiply by 52, divide by 12
For month to week: multiply by 12, divide by 52


Income details
 Description £
 Partner's earnings  
 Universal Credit  
 Income Support  
 Working Tax Credit  
 Child Tax Credit  
 Child Benefit  
 State retirement pension  
 Occupational pension  
 Pension credit  
 Housing Benefit  
 Other income  


Expenditure details
 Description £
 Buildings/content insurance  
 Council Tax  
 TV licence  
 Childcare costs  
 Mobile phone  
 Public transport  
 Car running costs  
 Food and groceries  
 Baby items  
 Pet food/insurance  
 Memberships/subscriptions etc  
 Christmas/birthday savings  
 Repayments to benefits  
 Child maintenance  
 Other expenditure  


Description £
 Available income  

Priority debt repayments

Details of priority debts
 Debt £
 Mortgage arrears  
 Rent arrears  
 Council Tax arrears  
 Magistrates court fines  
 TV licence arrears  
 Gas and electric arrears  
 Child maintenance arrears  

Non-priority debt repayments/loans

Debt information
 Personal loans: e.g. Greenwoods/Bank/Provident/friends and family  
Goods on HP: e.g. Car, furniture (BrightHouse repayments)  
Store cards  
Credit cards  
Secure loans  
Water arrears  

Debt advice

Debt advice is available at:

  • Blackpool Citizens Advice: 01253 308401
  • Fylde Coast Advice & Legal Centre 01253 584811