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Customer testimonials

Blackpool Council's Vitaline provides a personal emergency response service for elderly and vulnerable residents living in their own home.

We provide customers with a personal alarm that links to an existing telephone line or mobile phone.  In the event of a fall or sudden illness, friends and family can be alerted 24/7 at the touch of a button.  


Why customers use Vitaline

There are many reasons why people use Vitaline. Many of our customers are people who:

  • Have been recently discharged from hospital
  • Have a history of falls 
  • Are living with mild dementia
  • Are living with epilepsy
  • Need extra safety and security 

What our customers say

"Now my dad can stay in his own home - this means the world to me...and him." - Mr Quinn

Mr Quinn contacted Vitaline after his father came out of hospital after an operation.  He didn't need full-time carers; just the reassurance that someone could be at the other end of the phone, should something happen. Having Vitaline's emergency response service has meant he can remain in his own home."

"I feel more at ease living on my own." - Judith

Knowing she has Vitaline's personal alarm service gives Judith peace of mind that someone can be there if something urgent happens at home and her family aren't around to help.

"I believe Vitaline saved my life." - Mrs Hillard

Mrs Hillard's daughters invested in a Vitaline personal alarm for their mother. A few weeks later, she was in the kitchen and fell, breaking her hip. Vitaline came to the rescue.