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Arranging a memorial

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Carleton cemetery and crematorium, is situated midway between the towns of Blackpool and Poulton-le-Fylde, it opened in 1935 with the first cremation taking place on the 25 September 1935 and the first burial on the 30 April 1936.

Today the bereavement team undertake approximately 400 burials and 2000 cremations each year. 

The cemetery area covers approximately 37 acres and has been extensively planted with trees and shrubs to give an appropriate setting, providing solace and consolation to our visitors and generations to come.

A comprehensive choice of memorials have been developed to complement the grounds providing many attractive options to those wishing to commemorate a loved one.

A chapel, situated on the main driveway within the cemetery grounds, is available for families who wish to have a service prior to a cremation or burial. The chapel seats upto 80 people and is equipped to cater for all types of services and personal music choices.

An organ is also available for use during chapel services and a hearing loop system has been installed for those hard of hearing. 

The chapel also incorporates a large flat screen TV located above the entrance doors to allow for more people to view the service.


Graves for burials of coffins are situated in marked sections within the cemetery grounds and each grave will hold up to a maximum of 2 coffins, it is also possible to inter cremated remains into these graves. You may wish to consider retaining space on the memorial headstone if additional names are to be added at a future date.

All headstone memorials must be purchased through and erected by a recognised stone mason, all local masons are aware of the cemetery rules and regulations. If you wish to pre-purchase a grave please contact the bereavement office for information on this.

Burial Grave Space with Headstone

Interment of cremated remains

It is possible to purchase a grave for interring cremated remains, these plots are situated in a designated area and each grave may hold up to 4 sets of cremated remains.

A space is provided at the head end of each grave for a memorial headstone or vase to be erected. It is possible to purchase a grave, and arrange for the erection of a memorial if desired, prior to the interment taking place. 

Cremated Remains Grave with Headstone

Garden of Remembrance

Cremated remains may be strewn in the woodland areas, which form part of our garden of remembrance, or alternatively reunited with loved ones on one of our rose beds.

It is important that the bereavement office is made aware when cremated remains are to be strewn in the garden of remembrance so that records are kept up to date for future generations.

Please call the bereavement office to make arrangements if you wish to undertake a strewing.

Rose Garden and Chapel

The Book of Remembrance

The books are displayed in a room at the crematorium chapel and are housed in rich leather bindings. They are displayed under protective glass canopies, ensuring the entries are kept in the best possible condition, providing a memorial that will last for many years to come. Each inscription is carefully created by hand by highly skilled calligraphers.

The inscription can be inscribed in the book of remembrance under the date of death or if requested another date, for example an anniversary, birthday or another special day. Entries of five or more lines can be enhanced by the inclusion of a miniature work of art, such as a floral emblem, animals or birds, badges of societies and organisations, regimental badges, crests and coats of arms.

The leaves are turned daily so that the books are open at the corresponding day. Handmade reproductions of the inscription, as it appears in the book of remembrance, are available on a folded remembrance card or a hard back vellum book. These can then be retained by yourself or sent to families and friends away from home.

Book of Remembrance Page

Memorial benches

Durable memorial garden benches are available for siting within the garden of remembrance for peaceful reflection.

They are also available for siting within the cemetery grounds, at agreed locations. The benches are of wooden construction and are purchased for a lease period of 25 years from the bereavement office.

They can be commemorated with a plaque showing the names of those departed, providing a dignified tribute to a loved one.

Memorial Bench

Memorial tree plaques

Memorial plaques can be purchased for a lease period of 5 years and offer a lasting tribute and a marked location for future visits.

The plaque is placed in front of an existing tree, sited within the cemetery grounds. One plaque only to be placed per tree.

The plaques can be personalised with an inscription of your choice.

Tree Stone Tablet Memorial

Memorial wall plaques/niches

A traditional form of memorialisation, wall plaques are available in black granite and are secured to the memorial wall. The plaques can be purchased and can then be personalised with an inscription of your choice.

Cut flowers in vases (non-glass) may be placed in the trough situated along the base of the memorial wall, we also have a limited amount of niches.

Tablet and Niches Memorial

Woodland memorial plaques

Woodland memorial plaques can be purchased for a lease period of 10 years and offer a lasting tribute and a marked location for future visits.

The plaque is placed in our Memorial Woodland area, the plaques can be personalised with an inscription of your choice.  

Woodland Area Tablet Memorial

Panorama tower

The Sanctum Panorama Tower situated at the entrance to the Rose Garden, is an alternative to the formal strewing or burial of cremated remains.

The grey granite tower allows the placement of cremated remains within a niche that can hold up to three sets of cremated remains.

The black granite plaques can be personalised with an inscription, photo, motif or bespoke design of your choice and a brass posy vaseis included in the price. These are purchased for a lease of 20 years.

 Panorama Tower Memorial

Sanctum 2000

The Sanctum 2000 is an above ground vault that is large enough to accommodate up to two sets of cremated remains and situated on the main drive between the chapel and the Rose Garden.

The vaults are in sera grey and the black granite plaques can be personalised with an inscription, photo, motif or bespoke design of your choice. There is a brass vase on the base where flowers can be placed. These are purchased for a lease of 20 years. 

For further information on any of our memorials please contact the bereavement office. 

Sanctum 2000 Memorial