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Rooms available

Blackpool Wedding Chapel Ceremony room | Unique Blackpool Tower View RoomThe Wedding Chapel has a choice of two unique celebration rooms, of which provide unrivalled photographic opportunities.

Each room has its own specific feel and distinct personality, offering something different for your momentous day.

You can choose the beautifully appointed Tower View Room with a magnificent window overlooking one of Britain's best landmarks the iconic Blackpool Tower or perhaps the small intimate setting of the Sea View Room.


Total capacity is

  • Tower View Room: 62 people in total (this includes the couple)
  • Sea View Room: 12 people in total (this includes the couple)
  • Register Office: 4 people (couple and two witnesses)


Following a Tower View or Sea View ceremony, guests can admire a 270º  view from the glass sun terrace overlooking glorious beaches, miles of sea and sand alongside the famous Blackpool Tower, Comedy Carpet and Promenade. 

A unique location for your special day.