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The Blue Badge scheme provides parking benefits for disabled people throughout the UK who travel either as drivers or as passengers. A Blue Badge entitles the holder to concessions for On-street parking, including free use of parking meters and pay and display bays, and exemption from limits on parking times (restrictions apply).

Parking with your Blue Badge

Blackpool Council car parks

Although the Blue Badge scheme is for on-street parking, Blackpool Council also recognise its use within some council run car parks and allow a 3 hour free concession.

Badge holders are advised to check individual car park tariff/notice boards for Blue Badge concession details. If no concession is available you are required to purchase a pay and display ticket to cover the length of your stay.

Display your badge and clock

Your Blue Badge must be clearly displayed in your vehicle, showing the expiry date (not the photograph) and your clock should be set to display the time of your arrival. 

A valid pay and display ticket should be displayed if you are parking for longer than 3 hours.

Multi-purpose bays

There are some on-street bays that have more than one use depending on the time of day and sometimes day of the week. Road markings cannot be used and drivers should refer to the signage relating to the bay which will indicate what restrictions are in place for the bay and what times these restrictions are in force.

Resident parking areas

You can use your Blue Badge to park on double yellow lines in resident parking areas in Blackpool apart from the Whitegate Drive scheme (WHGD) provided you are not causing an obstruction.

Locations within the Whitegate Drive scheme are listed below for reference:

  • Balmer Grove
  • Belle View Place
  • Breck Road
  • Chiddlingford Court
  • Cumberland Avenue
  • Glen Street
  • Gloucester Avenue
  • Gorse Road
  • Harley Road
  • Kensington Road
  • Kenwyn Avenue
  • Lever Street
  • Lyceum Avenue
  • Marlborough Road
  • Marton View
  • Newcastle Avenue
  • Park Road
  • Salisbury Road
  • Somerset Avenue
  • Somerset Court
  • St Albans Road
  • Tyne Road
  • Westmorland Avenue
  • West Park Drive
  • Westwood Avenue
  • Whitegate Drive
  • Wilkinson Avenue
  • Woodland Grove

Please refer to your Blue Badge guidance. A penalty charge notice may be issued to vehicles parking in these circumstances.

The Promenade, between Talbot square and New Bonny Street

The area of the Promenade between Talbot Square,North Pier and New Bonny Street is a Controlled Parking Zone. You are not allowed to park in this area at any time.

Privately owned car parks

There are several privately operated car parks in Blackpool, particularly around the Town Centre. Blackpool Council have no authority over, and are not responsible for, these car parks. You should always check the signage to see if your Blue Badge is valid for use in these car parks.