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Policies and plans

We manage our roads in accordance with statutory obligations, however we do operate a number of local plans, code of practice and policies that determine exactly how we manage our highways and footways from day to day.

The road asset management strategy

The road asset management strategy (RAMS) provides a commitment to achieving benefits in the management of Blackpool’s highway network that can be delivered through asset management, and describes the principles that it is proposed to adopt in applying asset management to help achieve the authority’s strategic objectives.

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Code of practice for highways safety inspections

The purpose of this code of practice is to ensure best practice in the inspection of the highway network.

To both support the council in defence of potential claims and assist in the development and implementation of the network preventative highway maintenance programme for Blackpool, within the context of asset management and the statutory duty of network management.

Code of practice for safety inspection [PDF 841 KB]

Funding for Innovation: Connected vehicle data - The digital inspector 

The Department for Transport in December 2017 released a new fund for local authorities to bid for called: "Funding for Innovation: Connected Vehicle Data". 

The competition will help by encouraging innovation in the access to road condition information through connected vehicle technologies. The fund will provide a total £500,000 for local authority supported projects costing between £30,000 and £100,000, to:

  • Demonstrate connected vehicle data’s capability
  • Improve road condition and asset management data’s quality
  • Provide the business case for a wider deployment among highway authorities
  • Enable smart asset strategies’ development based on harvested intelligence
  • Enable private sector supply chain innovation

Blackpool Council along with seven other authorities are putting a joint bid into DfT to work alongside our technology partner Gaist Solutions Ltd to produce a digital inspector using camera technology, which will help deliver the key objectives of this fund.

Submission documents

Connected Vehicles Project - Cover Letter

20180216 - Digital Inspector - Challenge Fund Application Form 

Appendix documents

Useful links

Surfacing and structural maintenance procedure policy [PDF 458 KB]