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You can report problems with the roads or pavements to us for investigation. These include:

  • Potholes
  • Broken pavements
  • Problems causing water to collect on the road or footpath
  • Damage to bollards signs or fencing
  • Damaged kerbs
  • Worn or faded road markings
  • Street furniture
  • Public rights of way

Problems with street lights or traffic lights should be reported directly to the Community Lighting Partnership

Routine inspections

We are the highway authority and has the responsibility to maintain all adopted highways within the town.

We have a team of highway's inspectors. They undertake routine and reactive inspections on the Blackpool's adopted highway network.

We have set routine inspection frequencies depending on the location of a road within the network.

We inspect roads such as the Promenade monthly, residential roads and cul-de-sacs are inspected once a year.

If you report a problem outside of the routine inspections a highways inspectors will investigate within 5 working days to access any potential defect.

Please only report potential defects within the highway to us if you believe that the defect is:

  • 40 mm or greater on a road
  • 25 mm or greater on a footpath or pedestrian crossing point in the road

If you do believe the defect meets these levels please provide the following information:

  • Road and location of the potential defect
  • Description of the potential defect
  • Your name and contact details

We also ask you to provide an email address so we can send you automatic updates on your report.

Report a problem

Before you report a problem it would help us if you have the following information available:

  • Accurate location, local landmark or house number
  • Is the defect in the road or pavement
  • Description of the problem, for example, large pothole in the road
  • Your details including a daytime contact number where possible

To report an urgent problem that may cause an accident please telephone 01253 477477 Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm or 01253 477600 out of hours

After you report a problem

Once you report a problem to us it will be assigned to a highways inspector to investigate. This usually happens within 5 working days.

If this is the responsibility of Blackpool Council the inspector will then assign a category to the work to determine when any repair will be made. These are:

  • Below intervention - For example, we have a minimum defect depth on pavements of 25mm and on the roads it is 40mm
  • Category 1 - Work will be completed within 24 hours
  • Category 2 - Work will be completed within 5 working days
  • Category 3 - Work will be completed within 5 weeks
  • Category 4 - Work will be included for consideration in future planned maintenance

If this is not our responsibility then we will advise you whose it is such as:

  • Blackpool Coastal Housing
  • United Utilities
  • National Grid
  • Virgin Media
  • BT
  • Other local authority such as Lancashire County Council
  • Un-adopted road
  • Private land
  • Other council department such as planning or parking

If you provide us with your email address we will keep you informed of what is happening with your report.