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Temporary changes to our building control service

Covid-19 update

Due to the escalating situation regarding the coronavirus, as of Tuesday 24 March 2020, we are implementing the following measures that we hope will ensure our customers experience an undisrupted service until the Government advises us that business practices can return to normal or otherwise. 

Applications for building control services should be submitted electronically using any of the following;

Our plan checking service will continue as normal and we will ensure that we respond to you quickly to either issue an approval or request further information in order to be able to issue an approval.

To ensure the wellbeing of our staff and those who they will come into contact with on-site we are amending our approach to site work;

Where appropriate we will carry out certain inspections virtually (ie video calling), you may also be asked to provide further details to ensure we can obtain the necessary evidence to confirm compliance.

For certain inspections we recognize that it will still be necessary to attend site.  Prior to a site visit being made, you will be contacted and asked the following;

  • If anyone at the site to be visited has been ill and displaying coronavirus symptoms
  • If anyone at the site has travelled from either Italy, Spain or China within the last 2 weeks
  • Could the inspection be carried out in the absence of the builder / homeowner if necessary?

For the first two questions, if anyone is ill or has visited those countries then we will seek to delay our visit until such time as the necessary quarantine period has expired.

Our business continuity team will continue to hold regular meetings to develop our contingency plan to adapt to changes and we remain up-to-date and able to provide our services.

If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your Blackpool Building Control contact or email

Please use this email for any enquiries or to book an inspection.  Thank you.

Additional advice